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by:Huiya     2020-12-05
INDIA MEDICAL exhibition / / INDIA international hospital and MEDICAL equipment exhibition in 2019 MEDICAL FAIR INDIA show time: 2019 on February 21, 2019 - New Delhi conference and exhibition center (23 exhibition site: Every year held in new Delhi and mumbai alternate) Exhibition period: two years a session of the organizer: Dusseldorf exhibition group co. , LTD. Our company: 10 a10 exhibits medical equipment and instruments, medical consumables, rescue equipment, diagnostic equipment and supplies, medical reagent and equipment, laboratory equipment, medical information and technology exchange, plastic surgery, cardiology and medical hairdressing equipment, medical science and technology, health care products, one-time consumables, diagnostic reagents, physicians and surgical tools, care products, personal hygiene products, first aid equipment, medical clothing and bedding, rehabilitation, health education, biotechnology, mother-baby care equipment, photoelectric equipment, laboratory equipment, office equipment, the hospital ward, operating room, health care equipment, home health supplies, medical electronic equipment, such as ultrasonic instrument, X-ray equipment, medical optical instruments, clinical laboratory analysis instruments, dental equipment and materials, hemodialysis equipment, anesthesia breathing equipment exhibition is introduced: India is the world's second largest populous country, is also one of the rapid development of the world * * *, medical equipment industry in India in 2015 the size of the market for $6. 5 billion, India's middle class is growing, health consciousness also will increase. Health care in order to meet the growing domestic demand, the government of India will be an unprecedented increase in health care department budget, increase investment in medical electronic equipment procurement. It is estimated that by 2017, India medical electronic equipment will amount to $11. 7 billion market value. But in the past five years India medical equipment industry average annual growth rate reached 17%, which all belong to high growth in Asia and the world. As the Indian market the rapid development of medical industry, the market demand is improving. Medical equipment industry in India there is a huge market space, the wide prospect of market. China as the world's third largest health care products suppliers, in order to lower the cost of production has price advantage of products and large-scale production of export advantage, India market is very potential. Develop the India market believe India medical exhibition is you * * * window. Global intelligence letter will continue to groups participating international conference and exhibition. INDIA international hospital MEDICAL and MEDICAL equipment exhibition FAIR INDIA is INDIA's 2017 hospitals, MEDICAL apparatus and instruments and equipment professional trade FAIR, by the German dussel duff exhibition group company and its subsidiaries in INDIA CIDEX exhibition co. , LTD. In South Asia and central Asia * * * one of the famous exhibition in medical areas. Since 1992, has successfully held the 22, on mumbai in 2016, the exhibition attracted from 21 countries and regions of the world total of 512 exhibitors, the exhibition area of 6000 square meters. More than 10700 professional visitors. About 56% of the audience from top management. This exhibition has developed into India more than 1. 3 billion people need medical market demand. For the exhibitor and visitor from all over the world, India medical exhibition has been a sustained success. MEDICAL industry has developed rapidly in recent years, INDIA, at the same time, the region is also growing demand for hospitals, MEDICAL equipment, MEDICAL FAIR, INDIA has become INDIA in MEDICAL field. Relevant tags: medical cap
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