Why wet sterilization packaging bag?

by:Huiya     2020-12-07
Pressure steam sterilization for efficient, safe, reliable sterilization effect, and many other advantages to become the current one of the most widely used way of sterilization of medical institutions, mainly used in resistance to high temperature, high humidity of sterilization of medical devices and dressings. 2012 edition of the medical institutions of technical standard for disinfection, 5. 1. 3 regulations, heat resistant, resistant to wet surgical instruments should be first selection pressure steam sterilization. However, due to the vapor encounter cold items will release heat energy rapidly, condensing into water droplets. In general, these will be in the process of sterilization evaporation condensation water droplets, will not affect final sterilization of medical equipment. But if at the end of the sterilization, condensed water dripping from sterilization items not completely from the packaging, can cause wet package. Wet aseptic package itself is harmless, but condensation water dripping wet after packaging, the packaging material is formed on a liquid channel, outside the invasion of the bacteria bring convenience for packing, cause the package items, the possibility of contamination. As in the wet package after sterilization, therefore, that the sterilization failure, need sterilization again after unpacking, repacking, not only affects the sterilization items turnover efficiency, waste of manpower and material resources and energy. And more importantly, relative to the dominant wet package, stealth wet bag has great concealment, easy by inspectors negligence by use, cause infection, serious consequences. How to reduce the rate of wet package is one of the problems in hospital supply room need to be addressed. At present, the research on wet packets of information literature focuses on the causes of wet packets, sterilization, drying time and sterilized goods loading and unloading process control, etc. , among them, the more literature research confirmed that the sterilization of packaging materials selection on final sterilization of medical equipment wet package rate reduce have obvious effect, the main reason is the packaging material of water vapor transmittance differs somewhat. Research methods used in the literature, most is the use of different packaging materials, Such as cotton, medical crepe paper, paper plastic bags, etc. ) For medical device packaging, sterilization, the dry open packet inspection, in order to assess the impact of packaging materials for wet package. Test procedure complex, however, the research methods needed to complete the entire sterilization process, and the sterilization process and operation technique of different will have great influence on the result. So, single in terms of packaging materials, and whether the packing material before entering the sterilization process or control because of its wet package problem? The author thinks that, since the packing material of water vapor transmittance is cause one of the main factors of wet bags, packaging materials, then, by before the actual use of packaging materials can be indirectly controlled water vapor transmittance test of sterilization process due to poor packaging materials on the permeability of water vapor and wet package problem.
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