Why use a disposable kits one-time non-woven joint replacement surgery kits of detailed configuration list

by:Huiya     2020-12-09
Zhongshan medical health products co. , LTD is a well-known companies to provide products and services, such as, we introduced the related content for you, learn from each other. There are more and more in the face of hospital bacteria, so for sterilization is more and more attention, before entering the operating room for surgery, medical personnel must fast well in advance of preoperative preparation, so that they can win more time for surgery, so the use of disposable kits has been widely used, for surgery for a lot of time ahead of schedule, below the author to take you to understand the disposable kits have what advantages? Disposable kits with cost savings will be needed for the operation normal product concentration in a composite bag, than the cost of each product procurement respectively can reduce more cost savings. Can save time and effort, combination package will surgery need normal product are ready, reduce the medical staff of the preoperative preparation time, win the time for surgery that every minute counts. The use of safe and reliable, all products are one-time use product, strict compliance with the relevant quality standards at home and abroad. The entire process of production, from raw material to finished product assembly, is done in the purification workshop. Minimum, reduce the risk of early pollution, coupled with the strict control of sterilization, to ensure product safety. Professional design robust professional development team according to the operation characteristics of each part of the human body, design a suitable component configuration. Personalization we provide all kinds of material of the gown, specially designed for a surgical operation spread towels and all kinds of medical dressings, meet the needs of all types of surgery. The use of disposable kits, thus saving time and cost for better, safe and reliable, thereby patients for surgery, can win over more time, so that they can better prepared for the operation, the above is the author share of disposable kits for you have what are the advantages of disposable, disposable kits have? Hope to be able to bring help to you! More similar articles: production license: anhui food drug safety machinery production xu product registration certificate no. 20130430: anhui food drug safety machinery ( Quasi) Word 2013 hygiene license no. 2640155: anhui food drug safety machinery production permission for the record: 20130430 anhui food drug safety machinery production, 20130430 xu sterilization method: epoxy n-hexane validity: 36 ( Month) One-time use: is the product characteristics: 1, can be in the process of surgery in patients with all abandoned materials one-time absorption, effectively prevent cross infection. 2, USES the import material type and surgical drapes, with a strong absorption, from polluting, permeability is good gown make doctors feel more comfortable. 3, operative field relaxed, absorb quickly after surgery fluids such as blood, make people clear field operation, ease of operation. 4, hole towel single use is easy to operate, easy to spread. 5, according to the surgery using order together. 6, packaging aseptic safety, valid for three years. Products use note: 1, this product has the sterilization, such as packing damage is strictly prohibited. 2, this product is limited to the disposable use, should be used immediately after opening the package, after use shall be incineration. 3, the product is valid for three years. Method of storage: stored in a clean and dry, well ventilated and away from open flame. Well, about the 'one-time non-woven joint replacement surgery kits of what'? Well, let's do it today to relate here, if you have any questions, or for, zhongshan medical and health supplies co. , LTD. , etc, and want to know, you can telephone counseling and, of course, also can consult our online customer service!
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