Why medical personnel should wear protective clothing?

by:Huiya     2020-12-06
Health care providers're working around the clock to save lives. In so doing, they will even exposed to all kinds of dangerous infectious disease, so that his life in danger. As a precaution, health care workers should wear gowns, in order to prevent infectious disease spread from patients. Personal protective equipment and textile materials used in medical institutions, but sometimes the device become a source of cross infection. In order to prevent the transmission, the use of isolation gown. Gowns and its type clothing can provide a lot of protection for the spread of cross infection, and reduce the medical staff infection diseases. As there is no fixed standard isolation gown, so these dresses protection grade depends entirely on the materials used in the manufacturing. Fabrics of the dress, its design, the aperture, the joint strength, protective, liquidity and thermal joint is effectiveness of some of the characteristics can help these dresses. The two types and its advantage of the isolation gown is described below. Disposable gowns this kind of dress is specially designed for one-time use. After using them, these will be discarded. Usually used in the manufacture of nonwoven materials. By putting a non-woven material and some other materials ( Such as plastic film) Used in combination, can strengthen the protection of liquid penetrant. For manufacturing purpose, using the various forms of synthetic fiber. Main use is in the form of polypropylene, polyester and polyethylene. Reusable biohazard reusable isolation gown was designed way can be used multiple times. After each use, the need for these dresses for washing and cleaning. Usually used in the manufacture of the dress material is cotton or polyester. The combination of two of these materials also can be used to ensure maximum to prevent infectious liquid and blood. According to the requirement of the situation and the agreement, the two types of gowns are used for different environment. Optimization of reusable gowns, because they can greatly reduce the environmental footprint. To wear gowns today, the benefits of biohazard is widely used in medical centers. Which is considered to be overall infection control strategy. The following are some of the benefits medical personnel to wear gowns. In the surgical gowns, in addition to the hem and cuff, all other areas are considered to be the key areas. Gowns to ensure protection from all of these key areas. They provide the necessary protection, avoid contact with infectious liquid or solid substances used in the treatment. They will protect the immune system relatively weak other vulnerable patients. Those who is a doctor who can use the minimum of risk. They help prevent blood and blood penetration in the process of stitching in the ICU. By wearing the dress, in any type of surgery, will ensure that the wearer from the air of the spread of infectious diseases. These robes design makes it will not encounter any obstacles in treatment and laboratory activities.
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