Why is also known as hand washing clothes suit surgery is what color

by:Huiya     2020-12-11
Collocation of color and design skills in surgery, zhongshan medical health products co. , LTD. , know or understand relevant situation analysis, let you in addition to know zhongshan medical health products co. , LTD. , know more about the industry! Official power is long sleeve robe small turtle neck type clothes, opening, behind by nurses to assist to wear this gown. The light blue or light green color. Doctor gown internal contact as a clean area of the body, external contact with body fluids and blood patient, as a contaminated area. Gown must be completely isolated environmental pollution and clean environment, so wrap was firmly sealed. You said V collar short sleeve short form, officially known hand washing clothes. Is used in the clean operating room staff in the operating room environment work clothes, either a doctor or a nurse or an anesthesiologist can wear. Once in the operating room, must demand to replace the overalls. Designed with short sleeves to staff involved in the operation for a clean hands, forearms, and a third before the upper arm. Staff to wash their hands after the completion of the operation, the nurse help set on the gown. Some hospitals like to use color to distinguish between different staff, in Japan, for example, the anesthesiologist would usually wear dark clothes to wash your hands. Domestic hospital is eyeful green. Operating room there is a kind of clothes, called visit clothes, wear for external personnel to enter the operating room's visit. In addition to the operating room, and some specific departments, all the other nurses work clothes is the white dress you said, every hospital design color not all the same, but the basic common all over the world, that is what you said 'nurse' s uniform '. Another is the summer will be replaced by short sleeve style. What is actually for a nurse uniform, design color is not important, the most important thing is their head nurse cap blue leverage surgery, surgery take clothes to wash your hands is to do with it is the key. Many people view: health is introduced: the operating room clothing mainly use plain weave, twilled cotton fabrics, color is dark green, light green cloth, etc. Men's basically has: tour hand washing the clothes, the clothes, gown, visit the clothes; Women's mainly include: hand washing the clothes, to wash their hands skirts, tour, gown, visit the clothes. When the choose and buy that suggests to use the darker men's clothes. Such as green, at the same time, suggest that hand washing clothes with tabby fabrics. Advantage is that wearing comfortable, the price is low. While touring and gown, to visit garment denim fabric is recommended. Advantage is cotton twill fabrics relatively less plain cloth drape, in comparison with size, and more durable. Women's clothing suggested multi-purpose shallow color fabrics such as light green, such as color, especially hand washing the clothes, to wash their hands skirts, tour a few kind of clothing, had better use light color. Advantage is that women wear light color more beautiful, beautiful, light color fade less at the same time, the little change after the clothes before washing. Medical in 'take honestly as this, continuous innovation' corporate purposes, we will be in the medical clothing and bedding, surgical supplies, patient clothing production, strive for perfection, strive to offer you the perfect quality of products, at the same time, we also can according to your requirements, for your tailor-made for your products. Above 'surgery clothing color and style collocation skill' this content is about the introduction, see our article, if you to know more about, non-woven gown manufacturers such as content and interest, please click on view our product list.
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