Why do you want to wear disposable gown?

by:Huiya     2020-12-11
Why do you want to wear disposable gown? With the development of the superstition, the medical personnel protective measures for itself becomes more and more attention, protective patient gown in addition to one-way for incision, can also be invalid two-way maintenance of medical staff. Disposable protective gown in addition to ineffectively incision surgery patients, can also be invalid maintenance staff from the patient's infection. New type using SMS non-woven materials, with good barrier property, flocculant, high air permeability, good drapability. The purpose of using disposable gown: 1, sets up the sterile barrier; 2, avoid operation personnel body and clothes of microorganism and foreign objects to purify the surgical field; 3, prevent the patient's body fluids and blood rivals performer form purification. Pay attention to matters: 1, wear gown should be in the aseptic zone, lest be purged; 2, and the size of the gown, the length is appropriate, should be without purification, damage; 3, wear gown, can only contact inside. Relevant tags: disposable gown price, disposable gown manufacturer, disposable gown factory
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