What's the use of medical gauze piece

by:Huiya     2020-12-05
What's the use of medical gauze piece is the main purpose of medical gauze to the wound, and the blood in the process of operation clean up the wound. General factory supply of medical gauze products have two kinds of ways, is a kind of sterile way, the other is a sterile way. Aseptic packing of medical gauze can be used directly, and the way in a sterile gauze packing must be by the methods of high temperature and high pressure steam or ethylene oxide sterilization rear can use. Medical gauze piece of base material for medical absorbent gauze, gauze piece should be soft, odourless, tasteless; Gauze piece should be folded flat, can not have burrs, crop dew outside MAO, loose thread ends; Medical gauze piece can be divided into folding, folding, oblate, cut hair, mouth, with developing line and without developing line, from packaging and sterilization and non sterilized gauze can be divided into pieces. Extended information: 1) Traditional gauze: to medium and thick cotton plain weave. Organization structure is sparse. Through the practice, skim floating has good moisture absorption and moisture performance. Product by the high temperature and high pressure sterilization strictly. Suitable for medical bandage, apply cover such as basic material. Elastic bandage gauze, it is to be constructed with a left a right twist to the arrangement of strong twisting or cotton thread cotton spandex core-spun yarn as warp, coarse, single yarn as weft yarn woven plain ( Or knitting warp knitting) Woven, the standard by the elastic elongation is 50%, the wound with blood thin the blood. ( 2) The wound with gauze ( Or not sticky gauze) : the use of cellulose pulp add acetic anhydride, under the effect of a small amount of sulfuric acid esterification, spun cellulose diacetate fiber. Color white, soft, fluffy, non-toxic, tasteless, does not stimulate the skin, the characteristics of moisture regain, When temperature is 20 ℃, relative humidity 65%) Is 6% ~ 7%, with its woven gauze and bandages, has not with blood and the advantages of synechia purulent secretion, can promote the wound healing early. ( 3) Nonwoven cloth: cotton net water electrodes in the consolidation method constitute medical gauze, bleaching and sterilization. Set aside. Relevant tags: medical gauze piece factory, medical gauze piece of manufacturer, medical gauze piece price
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