What kind of high voltage equipment do you need?

by:Huiya     2020-12-12
N level autoclave these disinfector using gravity displacement to remove air. When saturated steam into the combustion chamber, due to temperature rising, forcing a cold air down and is discharged from the air vents at the bottom of the combustion chamber, the air removal method is not the most effective, is only applicable to solid, not the packaging equipment. The s-class autoclave in the s-class system, air through the vacuum pump or a series of repeated heating and cooling ( The fractionation) Discharge, vacuum pump to create a vacuum pulling force. It is more effective than n level high voltage equipment to discharge air, therefore the applicability is more extensive. Applicable to the object can only be determined by the manufacturer, however, some may specify hollow, packaging equipment, while others may be applicable to solid, packaging of load, the key is to adhere to the manufacturer's recommendations, apply to manufacturers specify a wider range of load types. B class b autoclave under high voltage equipment is the most widely use. Vacuum negative pressure will be pulled into the cavity. Then introduce the steam, increase the pressure to slightly above atmospheric pressure. This process is repeated twice, before the equipment was brought to the sterilization temperature, total to three vacuum pulling force. This is the most effective way to remove air. Applicable to solid, hollow, open book, single, double volume, and porous load. Note: 1 test does not guarantee the sterilization, they only show that the temperature is kept at the right time, they do not measure the permeability of steam. The autoclave at level n small bag into the strip, even if there is air, also can show the qualified. 2 if dealt with an inappropriate in the autoclave load, sterilization is not hypothetical. 3 when using the s-class pressure cooker, please always refer to the manufacturer's guidelines, understanding can be sterilized load range. 4 in order to ensure that your autoclave continue to achieve sterilization conditions, in regular verification test within the cavity is very important, which is required by the law.
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