What is the use of biological indicator

by:Huiya     2020-12-11
Biological indicators are directly used to validate the sterilization process of the industry, different at this point, has confirmed it is the most important indicator decided the sterilization process. As is known to all, the biological indicator is directly used in different industries, to verify the sterilization process at this point, note that they are indicators, determine the lethality of the sterilization process, in short, this means that they are responsible for the display materials through a sterilization process whether there are living organisms. In other words, is usually very important biological indicator apparently by the preparation of the bacterial spores and the same is highly resistant to use sterilization method, the spores and those as test organisms, their exposure to the sterilization process at the same time, the problem of material, is a disinfection. Therefore, after sterilization processing biological indicator will fully analysis, to determine whether still viable spores in it or not, the surviving spores under the condition of the product, the sterilization process automatically discarded, but in the opposite case, if there is no survival spores, normal sterilization process validation. If the spore survive after sterilization, biomarker hatch, inside short time the end of the incubation period, the same biological index observation, at this time if the liquid change color or failure to comply with the turbidity, it confirmed that the growth of the spores, so the sterilization process should be ruled out, on the contrary, if you didn't notice any type of liquid changes the appearance of the validation of the sterilization process immediately, this also is extremely important to note that today there are a lot of biological index of the speech also contain a ph indicator, this itself if change color spore growth, so this makes the growth test is easier, because it is clear. Due to high quality standards in the pharmaceutical and food industry and health, now must have a wide or sterilization process of strict control, the only purpose is to avoid pollution risk, which affects or product in one way or the other way or the user itself. We must tell you that in short biological indicator can be used to verify a sterilization process has been underway for actually correct, so I can give all of the material after disinfection that 100% sterile actually exposed some of the sterilization process, today there are many ways to disinfection, which is why each kind of method has a specific biomarkers, it discussed itself can validate the process.
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