What are the role of medical cotton ball

by:Huiya     2020-12-05
Medical cotton ball made of medical absorbent cotton is white, soft and elastic white fibre without spots, stains and foreign body, odourless, tasteless. Divided into sterile supply of medical cotton ball and non sterile medical cotton ball. Medical cotton ball generally direct contact with patients with wounds, is used as a wound in patients with medical industry, protection, cleaning and other purposes of major health materials, non-toxic, without excitant, good water imbibition, easy to use. Requiring medical cotton ball on the sterilization process. In addition, in view of the production of cotton ball absorbent cotton raw material choice, must meet the requirements of the standards and trade standards of raw materials. Medical cotton ball and medical alcohol disinfection tampon, medical iodine volts sterilized cotton ball, and so on, is the medical absorbent cotton ball dipped in a certain concentration of disinfectant, is mainly used in adults and children aged 2 to disinfect the skin mucous membrane. Zhongshan medical equipment manufacturing co. , LTD. , specializing in the production and sales, disposable face mask, cap, gown, package, kits, absorbent gauze pieces, medical cotton swabs, medical cotton ball, medical bandage, medical pad, single bag, in oral package, pads, urethral catheterization bag, dressing bag and so on a variety of specifications, welcome to inquire. Tel: 400 - 0373 - Relevant tags: 899 medical kits
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