What are the requirements for the autoclave

by:Huiya     2020-12-08
Medical autoclave is a kind of equipment and other items to make use of steam sterilization equipment, through the disinfection, all bacteria, viruses, fungi and spore are inactivated. With chemical and biological indicators, can be used to ensure the autoclave reach the correct temperature. Chemical indicators can be found on the medicine packaging and autoclave tape, once meet the right conditions, these indicators will become angry. As the change of color, we can see the objects under the tape or inside of the bag has been enough high pressure sterilization. Set the right temperature is very important, because if the autoclave not reached the right temperature, certain bacterial spores germinate. Anyone without proper cleaning and disinfection of surgical instruments are extremely dangerous for the patient, it is absolutely not allowed, any CSSD must be strictly controlled and follow best practices. Today, more than ever need to the best of health and the recovery rate, we need reliable and easy to use high pressure equipment and sterilizer. A basic manual high voltage equipment, can meet the demand of all our common disinfection, is a common practice, clinic or surgical center will have most: 1 for enclosed active drying system. 2. 15 'x 30' cavity can accommodate longer instrument or a lot of small instrument. 3. A touch of design, simple operation. 4. Automatic filling, disinfection, exhaust and dry touch buttons.
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