We should be how to choose medical absorbent cotton gauze

by:Huiya     2020-12-06
Now, with the improvement of people's living standard, the quality of any things all have high requirements for hospital use medical absorbent cotton gauze is no exception, it is the health of human body with us have a direct effect of a supplies, so the clean health, safety, comfort and so on has more stringent requirements, we must choose the high quality medical absorbent cotton gauze, but now in the market a wide range of medical absorbent cotton gauze, jumbly, let a lot of people don't know how to choose the area don't know how to distinguish what is quality gauze piece, which is inferior cotton cloth, so, today by hongda eisai detailed answer the question for you. The appearance of early see gauze piece packing. Look at the bags shown on the identification and detailed instructions. Finished product gauze piece generally divided into sterile type and non sterile type. See you buy belongs to which kind of type the way to the factory. Is different because of the use of these two kinds of ways, sterile absorbent cotton gauze can be used directly, without sterilization before we use must be properly sterilized antivirus treatment, epoxy ethane is generally adopted. And have a look at before use sterile type medical absorbent cotton gauze packing on whether to set forth the effective use of time limit, time of production, qualified batch number etc. Check the packaging to see if there is any breakage, leakage phenomenon, if there is problem, should put an end to purchase and use. Second, check the medical absorbent cotton gauze in the bag shape is all is white, a touch is soft, and ask whether there are abnormal smell. Know the purchase criteria of medical absorbent cotton gauze, you can better to choose high quality, qualified medical absorbent cotton gauze! Relevant tags: medical gauze piece
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