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by:Huiya     2020-12-05
The beginning of autumn, is one of the 24 solar terms. Autumn is the thirteenth throttle in 24 solar terms, is autumn solar terms. Beginning of autumn generally indicated at the end of the hot summer, the autumn is coming. The beginning of autumn, Solar term) After settling the next rain cool time, so have a cold rain 'a'. Do you want to know the beginning of autumn should pay attention to what? Please follow the below simple to understand. Autumn begins to pay attention to what nutrition experts caution that the beginning of autumn season, the weather turn cold start by heat, this season, the public should remember that little simba much acid in the diet on principle, to sponsorship of liver. The first affiliated hospital of tianjin medical university, director of the nutrition yan-ling li said that autumn will try to eat less green onion, ginger, garlic, leek, pepper and other symplectic flavor of the product and spicy, Fried, wine and dry puffed food such as taste, appropriate eating sour fruits and vegetables to sponsorship of liver. People with weak spleen and stomach, indigestion, can take the spleen to fill the stomach is a the lotus seeds, yam, lentils and other food. The beginning of autumn also corresponding day shift people's career. Since the beginning of autumn to warm the stomach beginning of autumn all childish harvest season, is also the body Yang Yin long work crossing the era, and thus, the spring keep fit has been has not the main content of negligence. The most easy to make even made the autumn, the fan is picked up. Owing to a rain a cold, so ten autumn rain wear cotton. The day is cold, also be careful the millennium not dew, the wineries around water less, people think that the beginning of autumn washing stomach, don't push long prickly heat stomach. Are not check the mean, the ancients thought that appropriate charge should not be scattered, autumn when remember don't eat spicy, autumn autumn food lung; Should also be early sat and stop, take a chicken, sit in which early sun be the spirit of convergence, check for early lung qi to stretch, so didn't accord with the spring keep fit. The beginning of autumn spread of proportion of fortifications. Modern agriculture society, the farmer for the beginning of autumn esteem level as the work day. Due to lightning fall, winter half closed, beginning of autumn sunny day, farmers don't have to force. It is a state autumn if hear the thunder, workers do objects will DuanShou; If the set set autumn sky and, a good harvest, can instantly fertility. Also, sooner or later, the beginning of autumn in the main, in autumn, all autumn everything up in June. After the beginning of autumn it rains or not can not be more careless, the beginning of autumn rain, all the beginning of autumn rains all sorrow, because the beginning of autumn autumn no rain is empty, everything has a half closed. The first is climate change brought about by the beginning of autumn. Beginning from the day, the air crisp, the moon majesty muddy, the temperature gradually to land, as a proverb says: majesty to the date of beginning of autumn cold, made the autumn morning, cold at night. But there is a big difference between the beginning of autumn again sooner or later, the so-called fresh early beginning of autumn, late autumn warm dead cattle, is equal to the people not for the beginning of autumn blind pessimism, is the beginning of autumn in that time, there are & # 39; ( Autumn) The tiger & # 39; Is a head. Reality, is the biggest baby beginning of autumn fell warm rain, autumn before settling a rain, white containing successively a majesty, it is people temporary check summary of the solution theory. Autumn rain is undoubtedly farewell of our own, beginning of autumn rain people rejoice, the limit of heat ten thousand rain, in reasonable condition, beginning of autumn the limit of heat with head, seems as long as three years it was less rain, not only rain, sometimes get ray, this represents the beginning of autumn 'thunder, see one hundred - day cream. Beginning of autumn to nourishing the stomach every fall passed after the beginning of autumn rain, the temperature is lower amplitude, a rain was there a cold. And yes, but no rain after the beginning of autumn mark it even before the autumn the winter wind rain immediately, autumn winter wind without a drop of water, the effect of the rectangular is also manifested: the beginning of autumn have no YuQiu do warm, beginning of autumn have YuQiu fall down. From there can see, autumn is a harvest, autumn is not cold, so-called seeds without yellow, beginning of autumn yellow around ten days, beginning of autumn 18 days inch grass all solution of bottom, a golden autumn is coming. Is the time, at least have the plan to the even works: the beginning, eggplant, beginning of autumn eat eggplant; The beginning of autumn buckwheat contains white flowers, cold including wild buckwheat received; Beginning of autumn to pick a Chinese prickly ash, the millennium was walnut, frost picked persimmon, the beginning of winter to tara, together to enjoy the joy of harvest, also want to control better career beat: beginning of autumn slow walk in July, beginning of autumn rate go in June, beginning of autumn to take rest, also accept 35 bucket. For out in seeding time, after the beginning of autumn also need to be careful: head up two beans, sesame millet class later after the beginning of autumn; Beginning of autumn cotton GuanJia, training cannot little; The beginning of autumn class sesame, don't die of old age and spend. Relevant tags: medical cotton swabs
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