Wash the clothes and the doctor surgery: what are the difference between operation uniform requirements?

by:Huiya     2020-12-11
The development of many industries in their daily life and is inseparable from, sometimes some within the industry sector has its own brand, today specially to introduce you to zhongshan medical health products co. , LTD. , as far as we know the doctor into operating rooms need to wear clothing is clothing and some people also subjected to wash your hands, so, what is the difference between service and operation served to wash your hands? Everyone knows the operating room is a magical and sacred place, orderly, isolating germs, to do this, and very strict system is inseparable, doctors must wear surgical clothing, must wash disinfection, here it is necessary to explain the operation difference between clothing and hand washing clothes. Next let elegant Deere garments of the authors take you know together. What is the difference between surgical clothing and wash your hands? - Gentlemen and kay work clothes with ordinary clothes to tell you the operating room nurses work clothes are not the same. Official power is long sleeve robe small turtle neck type clothes, opening, behind by nurses to assist to wear this gown. The light blue or light green color. Doctor gown internal contact as a clean area of the body, external contact with body fluids and blood patient, as a contaminated area. Gown must be completely isolated environmental pollution and clean environment, so wrap was firmly sealed. Usually V collar short sleeve short form, officially known hand washing clothes. Is used in the clean operating room staff in the operating room environment work clothes, either a doctor or a nurse or an anesthesiologist can wear. Once in the operating room, must demand to replace the overalls. Designed with short sleeves to staff involved in the operation for a clean hands, forearms, and a third before the upper arm. Staff to wash their hands after the completion of the operation, the nurse help set on the gown. Beijing women doctors surgery uniform custom manufacturer, some like to use color to distinguish between different crews in Japan, for example, the anesthesiologist would usually wear dark clothes to wash your hands. Domestic is eyeful green. Operating room there is a kind of clothes, called visit clothes, wear for external personnel to enter the operating room's visit. In addition to the operating room, and some specific departments, all the other nurses work clothes is white dress, you said the design color are not all the same, but the basic common such surgery, do you know why surgeons wear a gown namely nursesuniform you said. Another is the summer will be replaced by short sleeve style. You may be interested in the article: restaurant waiter will wear work clothes, welders have the fire-retardant overalls. And the same, the hospital also has a variety of medical service, such as doctors and nurses, surgical and patient. Today, jun put medical clothing manufacturers will give everybody to introduce surgical suit wearing considerations. 1, clean, neat known, surgery is operating room nurses, doctors wear, and the requirements of the environment is usually higher. So, surgery is not only need to clean, and need to disinfect. When either a nurse or a doctor, working in the operating room must wear medical institutions stipulated by the health care service, are not allowed to wear private clothing. 2, surgery is generally have pockets, because workers need to put some things. Do not store personal items at random but pockets and other objects not clean. 3, wear the sterile gown method is to gown gently shake, filed a collar on both sides, insert the hands inside the sleeve, arms stretched out before, by a visiting nurse to assist after wear, two arms crossed filed a belt to send to the rear, fasten behind of by the nurse. The above points is to describe the operating room staff should wear what, believe that saw the introduction of this paper, after some understanding of this area will also have their own, in view of the problems after also can be a very good solution. Here, we recommend that you learn more, zhongshan medical health products co. , LTD. , and other relevant information, hope to help you!
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