Verify the disinfection sterilization cycle

by:Huiya     2020-12-08
The sterilization process shall be validated before put into use. All steam sterilizer, electronic cigarettes and other low temperature during the installation, when the sterilizer is repositioning, redesign, overhaul and sterilization after the fall, with biological and chemical index test, to ensure that they can work normally before into everyday use. In the proper test package or tray, the use of biological and chemical indicator run continuously three empty steam cycle. Each of the steam used for sterilization cycle ( Such as vacuum assisted, gravity) Each test. In vacuum steam sterilizer, also must carry on the continuous three empty cycle bowi & # 8211; Dick test. Sterilizer before all biological indicators for negative chemical indicators showed right cannot be put into use before the end of the reaction. Biological and chemical index test is used for the ongoing representative samples of actual sterilization products quality assurance test, and packaging, packaging or load allocation in major changes in product testing. Biological and chemical index, is placed in products to load the products. When three consecutive cycles according to biological and chemical indicators were negative, and the end response correctly, can be changed into routine use. In three evaluation cycle processing projects should be isolated, until the test results were negative.
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