Using characteristic analysis of medical rubber gloves

by:Huiya     2020-12-11
Medical rubber gloves used in medical industry is not only more, or in the laboratory can be widely used in food industry, so the requirements for health in these industries is very high, in our practice, in order to ensure cleanliness, avoid interpersonal bacterial infection, so using medical rubber gloves is very necessary, at the time of production, we passed the strict inspection, USES no toxic substances or chemical composition of the material. In the internal medicine clinical nursing work, often encounter some physical illness weight and burst of the patient, after admission routine is to use air cushion bed, a balloon to prevent decay occurs bedsore patients has burst. The balloon can only be fixed at some point in the clinical use, and it is also under pressure is limited, with medical rubber gloves after water injection pad used in burst, clinical effect is satisfactory. Medical rubber gloves after use, must carry on the reasonable sanitization, what way is the right? And medical rubber gloves as a one-time consumables, use after immediately discarded in the trash can, the best garbage can is that those who have the lid, so that it can be very good to avoid the spread of bacteria in the air. Relevant tags: medical kits, medical rubber gloves
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