Use the sterilizer disinfection of medical devices

by:Huiya     2020-12-08
Using autoclave is the most effective way of medical instrument disinfection all this is the only way to federal regulators for approval. But only in the devices and then wait for the timer rings, is not necessarily can have the effect of disinfection. If you want to be thorough disinfection of medical equipment, it is necessary to the proper use of high pressure equipment. Pressure cooker using pressurized steam kill the bacteria contaminated instruments and spores. High pressure acting on the container of water, 15 pounds per square inch, pressure will increase the boiling point of water. Then, autoclave to heat the water to the new boiling point, its temperature is enough to kill these pollutants, and the instrument must be exposed to at least 15 minutes in the pressurized steam sterilization. Drainage and to fill the tank - — If reservoir haven't drainage, turn to open the valve switch, let water out. Then return the valve to the closed position. To add water container - — Reservoir found in the container. Fill it with distilled water to a specified height. Install pressure cooker - — Leave some space between to disinfect the items, so as not to come into contact with people. Containing liquid the lid of the bottle should be loose when put the instrument in the bag, the bag sealing is very loose, so that the pressurized steam can enter the bag, and all the surface contact with the bag. Don't give your autoclave adding water. Rather than trying to run multiple load once the everything into good. Shut down and seal cavity - Before you open the machine, close and tight seal chamber door all the time, is not only the safety measures, and prevent the steam leakage in the process of circulation. Wait until the end of the cycle - — In the middle of the circle open the hatch is never a good idea. Remember, you in dealing with pressurized steam is heated it to far exceed the standard boiling point. Must wait until the end of the cycle, autoclave cooling before you open the door. Be careful - Should be worn when removing disinfection equipment, insulation on sterile gloves and use hot water to rinse glassware. Drain tank - — After all the equipment removed, open the valve, drain tank, then close the valve again, so your autoclave can ready for the next cycle. Not sealed autoclave in the water may be bacteria breeding ground. After each use, it is best to clean and refrigerator in the box. Use the pressure cooker is for a particular purpose - — Kill bacteria and spores on the surface of the instrument may be pollution. Proper use of the pressure cooker, to ensure that the equipment has been thoroughly disinfected.
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