Use of medical gauze piece note information

by:Huiya     2020-12-05
Clinically often used to in the hospital, at ordinary times in the life most of the time we will also use medical gauze piece, so it became the essentials in family medicine cabinet. Although a lot of people will use gauze piece, but there are a few small details paid little attention to, the following the author will share with you. Before use, injury and surrounding skin to dry cleaning, disinfection and then to daub ointment, apply the after disinfection of medical gauze piece, fix medical adhesive gauze piece can be used again. Medical gauze piece of production process is very strict, from material selection to processing and packaging, has a strict procedure. But manufacturer of gauze piece of many on the market, product quality is uneven, we choose to use must be strictly carried out in accordance with the instructions and the matters needing attention. Medical supplies and food, used to check if packing seal in good condition, production date, effective date confirmed clear, is a no-no to use expired. In addition, medical gauze piece because not dirty for repeated use, it belongs to a use of medical supplies, in order to prevent the spread of bacteria, but also to the personal safety of users, please avoid repeat use. And in order to protect the environment we live in, medical waste for special processing, can't litter everywhere, hospitals and related to the environmental protection department make clear a regulation, comply with them. For the storage of medical gauze piece at ordinary times, in a dry and airy environment we want to select, without excitant gas pollution, and away from combustible materials and fire zones. Through the use of medical gauze piece details some of the introduction, believes that many people use again, safety and health will be many. Relevant tags: medical gauze piece factory, medical gauze piece of manufacturer, medical gauze piece price
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