Use commonly used protective clothing

by:Huiya     2020-12-05
To prevent or reduce the effects of electromagnetic radiation to human body; To prevent or decrease enter indoor electromagnetic radiation intensity; Reduce the generation of static electricity, prevent human body from the electrostatic effect on the equipment, more healthy! Good personnel performing special service with standard work clothes, also known as special assembly. Its role is to ensure that special service personnel in harmful environment, work safety. The scope of the national good special overalls and different species. Special work clothes mainly includes former Soviet armored force, flight, ground, umbrella regular, sea regular staff and other military professionals with ordinary work clothes, special clothing, camouflage clothing and protective clothing. Chinese people's great special overalls only includes flight, ground, umbrella regular, sea regular staff and a good personnel with special clothing and protective clothing. For flight personnel equipped with people better than 50 s flight suit, a hat and flight boots, etc. ; As airborne dispensed skydiving clothing; For naval vessels equipped with winter coat. In the '60 s, for flight personnel do the altitude compensation and load resistance; Give a good test, launch and stored shoulder the task of well equipped with the appropriate protective clothing. In the early 70 s, is equipped with a nuclear submarine protective clothing. Now preliminary formation of form a complete set of special overalls series. Protective clothing can be divided by its function, special environment protective clothing and protective clothing harmful substances; According to its category, can be divided into flight protective clothing, the sea often protective clothing, ground type of protective clothing. Some countries are also made specifically for the prevention and control of all kinds of insects to the human body violation protective clothing, multilateral well in the gulf war that once belonged to a kind of uniform with insecticidal functions, it can effectively prevent all kinds of attacks by blood-sucking insects to the human body. It says the army is to use a known as the 'bei root' pesticides, to a certain proportion of the soaking water diluted, and mosquito fall when the above will soon die, and harmless to the human body. One-time non-woven protective clothing use: good protective clothing has excellent moisture permeability and barrier property, can effectively resist alcohol, blood, body fluids, air dust particles, good permeability, safe and convenient to use, can effectively protect the wearer from infection threat, wearing comfortable, feel is good, strong tensile resistance, waterproof breathable, no cross infection, etc. Product structure: 1, hat, coat, trousers protective clothing made of body structure. 2, reasonable structure, convenient wearing, combining site. 3 mouth, hat, cuff, ankle facial elastic rubber is used. Role: SFS material is breathable membrane and spun-bonded fabric composite products, is breathable, waterproof function. SFS( Hot melt adhesive compound) : all kinds of membrane and non-woven composite products. Warm prompt: ( Other materials can be customized according to the requirements of every guest's protective clothing) Near the flame area by strong radiant heat when wearing protective clothing. Suitable for firefighters in fire fighting and rescue in fire area and fire a contact, or to the disposition of the radioactive material, biological material and avoid danger, chemical operations in clothing can reflect heat, can direct contact with the flame fire protection clothing at the same time. Can avoid wearing clothing short time across a good 800 1000 degrees of fire. Chemical protective clothing is one of the firefighters, protective clothing, it is the firefighter in dangerous chemicals and corrosive substance of fire and the scene of the accident of fire fighting and rescue, to protect themselves against hazardous chemicals or corrosive materials and wearing protective clothing. Chemical protective clothing can be sealed, can not seal, depending on the application situation and the level of risk. All materials used in protective clothing must be able to resist chemical permeability and degradation. Seam type structure is also an important factor influencing the performances of protective clothing, if processing is bad, the needle in the fabric would leave enough to be able to make the micro material or liquid through pores. Reducing protection performance. Chemical protective clothing is divided into two categories, light and heavy. Light protective clothing generally adopts the fulfillment of nylon coated PVC, lighter weight, body protection for the dangerous sites homework, can prevent the general properties of acid and alkali, not equipped with breathing apparatus. Generally in 5 kg in weight. Heavy protective clothing can be used in a multi-layer high performance chemical protective composite materials, has a laceration resistant, wear resistant, flame retardant, heat resistance, insulation, excellent performance, such as waterproof seal to comprehensive protection of all kinds of poisonous and harmful liquid, gas, smoke, solid state chemistry, biological agents, military gas and nuclear pollution. Airtight type protective clothing is made of neoprene, which generally to a variety of different chemical substances have anticorrosive, and very suitable for Labour is cold, high temperature environment in use. Heavy protective suits general equipped with breathing apparatus and protective clothing generally in about 6 kilos in weight. The electromagnetic radiation of very fine conductive fibers in the fabric, can guarantee the clothing does not produce static electricity, can achieve explosion proof, dustproof, antibacterial cleaning effect. Because natural mineral powders has been added to fabrics, can under the body temperature far infrared emission can be absorbed by the body, the firing rate is above 80%. To activate human cells, increases cell energy, to promote and improve the body circulation, thereby enhancing the human body. Fabric texture is soft, good air permeability, wearing comfortable and ordinary cotton products, still can wash its performance. Able to block out 100 KHZ ~ 300 GHZ frequency range of electromagnetic wave shielding clothing. Relevant tags: medical cap
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