Use common sense and misunderstanding of medical examination gloves

by:Huiya     2020-12-05
Medical examination gloves is used for the use of hospital surgery or treatment, different from our usual wear the gloves, there are a lot of attention should be paid to the place, if unexpected, may cause the patient's life, so let's learn about the medical examination gloves use common sense and the erroneous zone. A, clinical medical examination gloves use common sense: don't need to use gloves: 1, direct contact: blood pressure, body temperature measurement pulse, subcutaneous and intramuscular injection, transport patients, etc. 2. Indirect contact: use phone, medical documents writing, computer operation, patients with oral medications, replacement of clothing, mobile equipment, etc. Second, the need to wear gloves: 1, for aseptic operation before 2, contact with blood, body fluids, broken skin or mucous membrane. 3, contact and its surrounding area before the implementation of separation of patients. 3, need to cover: 1. The gloves or suspected broken broken. 2, contact with blood, body fluids, damaged skin and mucous membrane after or after the operation. 3, contact each patients and patients with surrounding environment, the use of medical examination gloves or pollution myth: 1, wear gloves before and after sell sets do not wash their hands. 2, contact more than one patients wearing the same pair of gloves. 3, wear a hand from the same patients from contaminated parts to clean parts don't change the gloves. 4, again after contact with contaminated parts don't change the gloves before contact with the surrounding environment. 5, nursing patients after not pick gloves for other operation. 6, those logistics personnel and individual medical workers wear gloves frequent contact with elevator buttons and other public facilities. Through the above of medical examination gloves use common sense and the introduction of myth, in later life if you encounter this kind of situation, you can remind doctor as a patient, if you are a doctor should understand these knowledge, more hope to be helpful to the readers. Relevant tags: medical kits
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