The various types of disinfection sterilization bag packaging system

by:Huiya     2020-12-08
Including all kinds of disinfection sterilization bags, paper-plastic bag, heat sealing bag, flat bag, three-dimensional volume bag bag, tyvek medical bags and other products, may be to design and produce according to the actual situation, in a short time, it is difficult to comprehensively summarizes the type and scope. At home, these products, such as the sterilization bags, disinfection bags and medical bags and other products, due to its permeability is the special design of the window, save the cost of materials, get the favour of many medical equipment companies. In April 2006, the latest edition of the disinfecting bag measures for the administration of and measures for the administration of the disinfecting bag consists of two parts. The first part mainly packaging materials, sterile barrier system and packing system. The second part mainly discusses the problems existing in the process of medical device sterilization packaging confirmed, so the aseptic packing according to the system design and packaging process to confirm the distinguish between two main content. And, more importantly, in this version, the absorption of formal merger popular European EN868 standards system, cancel EN868 - at the same time 1 system, combining with the selective absorption of EN868 - 2 - 10 9 particular standard of materials and products, in fact, announced the unified standard of medical device sterilization packaging is 2006 two iso11607 & # 8211; 2006.
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