The use of the non-woven fabric type and characteristics of the request

by:Huiya     2020-12-07
Non-woven gown surgery is a doctor, the experiment and research in wearable sterile gowns, isolated from bacteria and other factors induced by infection, avoid secondary infection for patients to prevent liquids such as alcohol blood infection medical staff. Mainly used for medical operation, patient treatment; In public places and epidemic prevention inspections; Disinfection of contaminated zone, also can be widely used in military, agriculture, animal husbandry, chemical industry, environmental protection, etc. Has SMS non-woven, non-woven type used raw materials peritoneum non-woven, kapok three non-woven fabrics. Sewing method have ultrasonic wireless MWCNTS, sewing machine sewing cable. Regular specifications 120 cm * 120 cm, 120 cm * 140 cm, 120 cm * 150 cm. Non-woven gown routine using double independent packaging, ethylene oxide sterilization, there are other the following features: 1. All conjoined, before opening. 2. Sturdy, tear and wear resistance, wearing comfortable, soft, light and breathable, no fluff, anti-pollution, anti-static. 3. Can penetrate into the air, water vapor, can the water-base fluid and aerosols are excluded. 4. 100% of high density polyethylene and contains no filler, adhesive, and silicon. 5. Surface smoothing rejection inorganic liquid, prevent chemical splash down, and to make solid dust is not easy to adhere to. 6. Can effectively prevent harmful ultra fine dust, high concentration inorganic acid, alkali and salt solution. 7 impact resistant to liquid. 8. Can prevent the body fluid, blood and blood the invader.
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