The use of sterilization bags

by:Huiya     2020-12-08
Postoperative infection from amputation to death of all kinds of serious consequences. For this reason, a proper disinfection process is an essential part of any successful surgery. Sterilization is to point to in a given area, by definition, halting all microorganisms. Although these bacteria can be eliminated through various methods, but only an accepted method can maintain the state of health. It is through the use of sterilization bags. The ordinary things is easy to be ignored for simple packaging, in fact, they are a critical part of every successful surgery. In view of this important function, the medical and dental professionals, it is necessary to understand what is good sterilization bags. With this in mind, the following is a list of each unit should include four key criteria of the assembly. ( 1) Porous back disinfecting bag has a dual function. First of all, they must keep equipment internal sterile, with the dangerous bacteria isolation. Second, they must also as a container, in which the equipment can be disinfected. This can be done through one of four processes. ( 2) The sealing mechanism in order to reuse the bags, there must be a good sealing mechanism. The component should be located at the top of the device, and including folding line. ( 3) Internal indicator usually, the packing of the equipment with instructions, say when proper sterilization was realized. However, this function is more suitable for the bag itself, because it is a container for sterilization. ( 4) Flap in the end, although the sterilization is the goal, but it is important to remember that the project will be used in the subtle, high-risk situations. Therefore, the function is the key. In order to help improve the sack equipment availability, packing bag should be equipped with a large, easy to open the lid, with convenient access to its contents.
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