The use of medical kits performance

by:Huiya     2020-12-05
Medical kits whether disinfected, surgical instruments and flax products ( Such as gauze, surgery and a towel) Must be clean. Postoperative should as far as possible by hand or ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning equipment and flax products. By high pressure steam sterilization or other methods of goods ( Such as epoxy ethane) Must use a special method for packaging. Packing is to strengthen the sterilization effect and the sterile belongings. Medical kits before packaging, equipment shall be in accordance with the order of the performer used separately. If using steam or gas sterilization, should use can be steam or gas penetration, gas permeability microbe, durable and soft package. When the parcel with steam or gas sterilization, to ensure that the gas penetrating, should comply with the special guidance method. Before the parcel for steam sterilization, sterilization by two layers of thick soft cotton cloth or not knitting ( The paper) Material package. Package ( Immediately after sterilization using package to do proper cooling treatment) Application of waterproof, thermal insulation material to cover, if use within 24 h after sterilization. Small items can be sealed insulating paper or plastic bags can be used for the parcel. Using gas sterilization, use can be sealed insulation plastic bags, tubes or cotton package. When plasma sterilization, should use sealing, heat insulation, strong Ⅱ polyester film bag or polypropylene bag for package. Steam, ethylene oxide and recommended by the dry-heat sterilization methods such as time, temperature and humidity, see chapter 2. Medical synthetic steam and gas sterilization surgery, the instrument should be in a perforated metal instrument trays containing no velveteen ( A linen) The towel. If you use a lock box equipment, high pressure sterilization boxes shall be opened, to ease the flow of steam or gas, instruments should be between 3 ~ 5 mm gap. If possible, complex instruments should be disassembled before sterilization, power equipment should be applied before the high pressure lubricating oil. If there is a lacuna apparatus, apply a small amount of water washing before steam sterilization, vaporization of water may be forced air discharge cavity; Instead, stay in the tube of water in the gas sterilizer will reduce in the sterilization under the critical point of the activity of the gas. Container ( Such as physiological salt water bottle) Open end should be upward or level; The container with a lid should be slightly open the lid. Application of towel separated between multiple containers. Each package should have enough surgical gauze. Before packaging, sterilization indicator should be placed in the middle of each package. Solution should be separated from equipment, eliminate air slowly and steam sterilization. Relevant tags: medical kits
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