The use of chemical sterilization indicator label method and effect

by:Huiya     2020-12-07
Chemical sterilization indicator label is whether the measurement items after sterilization of auxiliary tools. When exposed to sterilization, most of these indicators will change color, because the instructions tags contain one or more chemicals, under the condition of high temperature or other sterilization will change color, can change color. Because these metrics contain a chemical that affected by high temperature, therefore is called chemical indicators, CI) 。 This with biological indicators (containing the affected by high temperature BI) In contrast. There are basically two types of CI: one kind is only affected by heat, Specific to the temperature of the CI) , another kind is the existence condition such as temperature, time, and the steam of responding to the combination of CI. Tape (related to the temperature Or high pressure steam) In the form of - — Note, a label or tag to the outside of the sterilization bags, usually the arrow or circle shape. In the stripes on the autoclave tape, paper tape on the instructions of the area, and printing bag tag contains a hot color ink is sensitive to heat. Once the CI is exposed to a certain temperature ( Such as 121 ° C and 250 ° F) The chemical change color quickly. The multiparameter CI can be a piece of paper, in the form of liquid in a small bottle, or small ball in a small bag. These CI need temperature and time, temperature and steam, or temperature, and time of interaction, then occurs obvious change. Some of the CI is using a hot color changing ink, while others use other systems affected by the heat and humidity. CI daily use is part of the sterilization process, including BI and CI. Although using BI ( The spore test) Is the main measure of the sterilization process, but it takes 2 to 7 days. CI is an important feature, when the parcel out of the sterilizer, a visible reaction of it immediately. CI change color or form, it showed that processing projects have been exposed to high temperature for a period of time at least, they are likely to safety. CI should not be used for BI and acceptable substitute for sterilization protocol. CI is the most important one of the purposes of the dental medicine as a process indicator. Process indicator is a specific temperature of CI, it is only used to identify the sterilizer treatment instrument packaging or in a box ( Compared with the sterilizer has not been items) 。 Technical index is usually in the bag and other high pressure sterilization packaging materials printed on tape or special tag. Them outside of the packaging by a sterilizer processing, so that you can easily see; As a result, they are called 'external index'. Glance at the marked process indicates the cassette tape, bag or packaging can guarantee that the goods at least has been treated by sterilizer. Which can help eliminate will use the bag together and still need to deal with the situation. The difference in the sterilization room, storage area, and transportation pallet or transport vehicle is very important, in these places may be processed and unprocessed materials. It also helps to avoid the people in the office may be confused, they may be sent to retrieve the disinfection equipment disinfection room, as long as by health experts or dentist chair face quickly check the packaging on the change of CI, it can be concluded that signs, shows that the instrument is ready to use. This is a simple mechanism to prevent accidental use raw instrument. Sometimes, be placed in the parcel some specific temperature indicator or label, to confirm the internal heat penetration of the instrument.
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