The role and characteristics of non-woven protective clothing

by:Huiya     2020-12-11
Non-woven protective clothing is replace individual farmers clothes or wear in individual farmers, to prevent the outside factors such as physical, chemical and biological harm human body. Biological safety laboratory is generally not high and low temperature should be considered, such as electromagnetic radiation harm, only need to wear protective clothing in general. Special circumstances need to wear protective garments positive pressure. Biological safety laboratory shall ensure that store enough with proper protection level of cleaning protective clothing available. Non-woven protective clothing including lab coat, isolation gown, jumpsuit and positive pressure protective clothing. In the laboratory staff should always continue to wear a lab coat or isolation gown or suitable protective clothing. Clean protective clothing should be placed in a special place. Pollution of the protective clothing should be placed in leakproof disinfection bag with logo. Every time the appropriate protective clothing should be changed to ensure clean, after the non-woven protective clothing has been contaminated with hazardous materials should be replaced immediately. Area before leaving the lab should take off protective clothing, non-woven buckle in front of the protective clothing should be able to complete. Long sleeves, the back of HSS included several isolation gown and conjoined farmers than lab coat is more suitable for work in the microbiology laboratory and biological safety cabinet. The house on the outside of the lab coat or isolation gown to wear plastic apron high neck protection. Prohibited in the lab, wear short-sleeved shirt, shorts, or dress. All body protection device ( Lab coat, isolation gown, jumpsuits, positive pressure protective clothes and apron) Is not allowed to wear away from the lab area. Relevant tags: medical gauze piece, non-woven protective clothing, non-woven fabrics
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