The protection of the disposable medical kits and check

by:Huiya     2020-12-06
Surgery on intraoperative should put the disposable medical kits on the designated position, in order to access at any time, and can prevent the collided with each other. The sharp instruments should be used carefully. For example should not be thick and tough structure in ophthalmology scissors or gauze roll, lap, etc. Long-term preservation of disposable medical kits should be coated with a layer of every soil Lin. Frequently used instruments, after washed in the blood with liquid paraffin is wiped, in case of rust. Sharp instruments and blunt instrument shall be saved. Sharp instrument cannot use high-pressure and boil disinfection, only in very urgent cases, can make a short period of time ( Three minutes) In order to avoid damage to the sharp edge. Operating room personnel before disinfection of disposable medical kits, carefully check whether surgical instruments sufficient and appropriate. Such as scissors cut tip can be closed tightly, and the two open put in disinfection disinfection tray. Linear knife, gun knife available to expand the mirror or check whether the blade is sharp, drum to sterilize their cutting-edge wrap again with cotton. For a variety of trephine paying special attention to wiping clean drill the oil inside the cylinder, after, before disinfection. For each trephine to record the number of its use, easy to operation. How should also check the iris tweezers two elastic. The disinfection of disposable medical kits is used more touch 0. 1/1000 of 5% sodium nitrite out new jie er yi immerses disinfection. Soak 30 minutes can reach the purpose of disinfection, the sodium nitrite was added to rust. Often soak instrument disinfection plate should be high pressure disinfection once every 2 ~ 4 weeks, and replace a new disinfectant. Relevant tags: medical kits
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