The production of sterile gown characteristics analysis

by:Huiya     2020-12-06
Sterile gown to wear clothes is a doctor in the surgery, this product is refined by nonwoven fabric as the main raw material. Has good air permeability, bacteria resistance, water resistance. The design of general design is on the neck and the waist have two bags, wear is anti wear, will strap fastened, put on gloves. Wear is the main purpose of sterile gown, isolated from bacteria to eliminate infection can protect the doctor to be infected and this will not cause secondary infection for patients. Sterile gown should keep smooth, don't have a loophole, the phenomenon such as stains, if there are these problems, cannot use, uniform sewing needle and thread, sewing place not allowed burrs, etc. Before use, to check the packing is in good condition, sealing, no leakage, can withstand the normal transportation and storage, and to confirm the guarantee period of the effective product in the effective use of time. Sterile gown in making strict quality testing, when you need to ensure that the product qualified before they can sell, placed in a place without corrosive gas environment, low relative humidity, temperature is appropriate, well ventilated. Relevant tags: medical kits, sterile gown
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