The production and application of PE film examination gloves

by:Huiya     2020-12-06
Work in the medical treatment, health care and other people often wear PE film examination gloves, in order to protect them from possible infection or prevent hands from contacting harmful substances. Especially since the emergence of HIV health increased the demand for PE film examination gloves, common PE film examination gloves are generally use down from para rubber tree collection of natural rubber, it has a series of good performance. Such as natural latex gloves with high elasticity, and pick up items at catch very agile. As a effective barrier of pathogens, bacteria and bacteria, the PE film examination gloves can provide effective protection. Over the years ordinary medical gloves are made of latex. On examination and operation process, this kind of gloves can provide maximum flexibility and operability, but in the scraping of the hard ware, this kind of gloves won't or won't provide any protection, until now, people focus on are gloves inconvenience not dangerous problem facing medical staff, all aspects and PE film examination gloves is solved, provides medical personnel with a safer working conditions. Relevant tags: the disposable pads, film examination gloves, gloves
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