The performance of the surgical gown and introduction

by:Huiya     2020-12-06
Surgical gown fabric is a kind of medical protective fabrics, focus on the protection performance. Protective performance including the ability to prevent liquid and microbial penetration. Medical staff in the process of medical treatment, will inevitably come into contact with the patient's blood and body fluids, the patient's blood and body fluids tend to carry HBV ( Hepatitis b virus) 、HCV( Hepatitis c virus (HCV)) And HIV ( HIV) Pathogens. Second, because the ordinary gown off the surface of the hair, particles, and other portable pathogen easy to endanger the safety of the patients, the surgical gown also makes the operator more clean and tidy, not easy to produce dander, or dust,; At the same time, a good protective clothing should consider tension and abrasion resistance of fabric, because the clothes of fracture and damage can make direct skin contact, germs and staff gown is no effect. In addition, the operation when the patient's blood will spatter, so gown also to have certain adsorption and water pressure resistance. In addition, the gown should also meet the requirements of comfort, flame retardant and antistatic property. The performance of the performance of surgical gown mainly includes: the blocking performance and comfortable performance. Blocking performance mainly refers to the operation take protective performance, evaluation method of hydrostatic pressure, water test, impact penetration, spray, blood permeability and microbial permeability and particle filtration efficiency. Comfortable performance include: air permeability, water vapor permeability, drapability, quality, thickness, surface electrostatic properties, color, reflectivity, odor and skin sensitization, as well as the effect of design and process. The main evaluation index for the permeability, moisture permeability, charge density.
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