The performance of the gown and requirements

by:Huiya     2020-12-06
Type mainly includes: the performance of the blocking performance and comfortable performance. Guangdong medical technology co. , LTD provide various gown can meet these requirements. Gown used fabric belongs to the screen fabric for medical use, mainly focus on blocking ( barrier) Performance. Blocking performance including prevent liquid and microbial penetration performance. Medical staff in medical care, will inevitably come into contact with the patient's blood and body fluids, the patient's blood and body fluids may often carry HBV ( Hepatitis B virus) 、HCV( Hepatitis C virus) And HIV ( HIV/AIDS) Etc. Various kinds of pathogens. So gown blocking performance is particularly important, and its evaluation methods mainly include hydrostatic pressure, touch water test, impact penetration, spray, blood penetration and microbial penetration and particle filtration efficiency, etc. Gown is comfortable performance include: air permeability, water vapor penetrating, drapability, quality, thickness, surface electrostatic properties, color, reflective and smell and skin sensitization and the influence of garment processing in the design and sewing. The main evaluation index such as permeability rate and moisture transmission charge density. Gown in wearing use should also be neat and clean, not easy to produce dander, or dust, because of the gown to fall off the surface of the villi, particles or carry pathogens, cause a harm to patient safety; At the same time, the protective performance of evaluation gown should be consider the fabric tension and abrasion resistance. Because of breaking and wear clothes will make pathogens and medical personnel to direct contact with the skin, make the gown lose protection ability. So the gown must also have a certain adsorption function and water pressure resistance.
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