The origin of modern disinfection bag

by:Huiya     2020-12-08
In a tool to be disinfected, standard procedure is wrapped it in a green towel, fixed, with duct tape and marked as sterile. This not only cannot guarantee not contaminated, but also greatly reduces the efficiency of the production process. Because responsibility, any items must be in contact with the splash or liquid to disinfect. Fortunately, today's sterilization science is much more advanced. Corrected by modern disinfecting bag green towel shortcomings. The function of sterilization bags is in two phase consists of a project. First of all, it must be a sterilization packaging container of the item. Second, it must be the goods storage container before use. Therefore, a modern sterilization bags must contain several key factors. First of all, a bag must be made up of two different materials, on one side of the unit should be made of impermeable polymer laminated materials, it is a kind of transparent material, visibility is strong. However, the other side should use raw, not the process of recycling paper manufacturing. The permeability of craft paper provides perfect, allow the steam into the sterilization, at the same time all other particles ( Such as microbes) Out. Second, the equipment should take advantage of multiple instructions to indicate the internal items is sterile. The first set of equipment is an internal and external indicator. These stripes, will be printed in the bag, once the proper sterilization will change color. The second warning should take the form of blue cover. If the bag is broken, the lid should change the color, let the user know that item has been polluted. Third, the bag must have enough sealing function. There must be a self sealing mechanism at the top, let users to seal. The device is also should have heat seal, adhesive side. The heat seal provided an important protection, to prevent wear and tear, it is a common type of the project held within. Another element is found in many bag a three sealing side, provide further puncture protection. The fourth feature is often neglected, but is of vital importance for process - — Easy to take easy to save. It is important to remember that the sterilization bags used in high pressure, high precision and extremely delicate surgery.
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