The necessary supplies medical protective clothing: the operating room

by:Huiya     2020-12-06
Like the Egyptian civilization original bronze or stone ware used for carrying out the certain types of intervention. As the father of medicine Hippocrates, the arrival of the new concept of Greece created different rooms for different types of diseases. Even so, the human in the operating room took a long time to get into the concept of health. The arrival of the industrial revolution and the 19th century dazzling change fundamentally changed the medical procedure. The introduction of aseptic operation in the operating room originated in the Hungarian obstetrician Ignaz Semmelweis research. The doctor of washing hands with calcium hypochlorite put forward in 1847, and health care delivery women's expo is entirely revolutionary. Since then, especially in the operating room laid the foundation for clinical sterilization. Later, in 1883, the German surgeon gustave noe '( Gustav Neuber) It is recommended to use gloves, aprons and boots. At the beginning of the 20th century, widely used in the field of surgical membrane and hat. A few years later, the local health will be forced to take appropriate protective clothing. The characteristics of the protective clothing for the main purpose of the operating room of protective clothing is act as a physical barrier to prevent the spread of microorganisms. By avoiding contact with harmful physical or chemical biological agents, it is very important for the safety and health of patients and medical staff. The main characteristic of protective clothing must meet the following: 1. Against bacteria, dust, alcohol, blood or any type of fluid permeability of high pollution resistance. 2. Comfortable. Must allow movement range. 3. The tensile strength, moisture absorption perspiration and high physical strength. 4. Must use does not cause glare or the color of the strong reflection. It is recommended to use blue or green.
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