The meaning of bayi army day

by:Huiya     2020-12-05
Army day commemorates the birth of the people's army and difficult course, inspire soldiers defending the country's morale, seasons of the year, on August 1st, usually the day will focus on the efforts to develop 'YongJunYouShu, YongZhengAiMin' activities, to commemorate the birth of the people's army, the custom of the army day usually authority departments and social organizations to carry out the form of support. Every year the army day, holding big forces are commemorative activities, celebrate their own festival. Governments at all levels, and organization of military and civilian gala or a commandment, invited the old red army man, retired army cadres retired veterans, revolutionary disable armyman and LieJunShu representatives to attend. At the same time, also organize YongJunYouShu activities, promote the people's army glorious traditions, and check the materials to carry out the situation, found the problems and difficulties in time to solve. Governments at all levels and the broad masses of the people has always been the activity carried out as a memory of the army day 'holiday'. Secondary school educators can actively organize various forms of YongJunYouShu activities before, during, and after the army day, by the people's army 'camp day' experience discipline, strict requirements, rigorous style of work, the spirit of serving the people heart and soul; Lead the students to some door-to-door service, feeling troops and military families for the country and people's well-being of sacrifice and dedication, the cultivation of national defense awareness of middle school students and grow up to defend the motherland of civic responsibility. The first holiday celebrated on August 1, 1933, the first 'bayi' army day celebration was held in ruijin south of the city. In the evening, Soviet soldiers and civilians torches, toward the coming here from all directions, the workers and peasants a welcome performers including many renowned standing at the entrance of a drama club, dance and sing. Celebration parade and such, to prevent the enemy bombing, decided to parade in seven to ten half past nine. ShiQiShi, begin a military parade, martial music played, salute everywhere, MAO zedong, zhu DE, xiangying three leadership on horseback, review the red army more than six hundred meters long queue, greeted with the red army commanders to stare, cheers, fixed ring. The second is under oath. Workers to the new revolutionary military commission of the central red army division and ShaoGong international division crown ensign, sent two divisions to kill of combat command at the front, workers and ShaoGong international division of two pieces of square, commanders raised his fist to the oath. The third is the flag of prizes. ZhongGe military leadership to the rocket's red army school, give each team award, the banner of the red army to award's exploits the red army commander the red star medal. The central government and party, group group representatives to remarks, such perfect start. The red army in the second group fifth regiment regiment in case the 40th regiment soldiers in jut led by striding through the banner of the reviewing stand, the soldiers side Shouting slogans, a review on the oriented chief cudgel. Long specially-built line from review before go for more than an hour. Crushed a firm pace flocking to the night, the dust, kick that move the unforgettable night, embedding '81' two characters. Relevant tags: medical cotton swabs
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