The introduction of medical dialysis paper and use it

by:Huiya     2020-12-08
Dialysis is to try to stop the useless things, make useful things further process. EO is allowed in ethylene oxide sterilization or steam high temperature steam sterilization factor, but the bacteria will be blocked. Medical dialysis paper generally refers to the special medical special materials: the United States dupont medical paper + medical coating. Tyvek material can be divided into: 4058 b, 1059 b, 1073 b, Asuron, etc. Steve dupont Tyvek packaging is the ideal choice of the thermoplastic, ensure that the high-end, heavy and/or fragile aseptic and integrity of equipment before use. Tyvek intensity is the same weight or heavier medical paper strength of eight times; Tyvek strong puncture resistance, even if many irregular edges or sharp surgical instruments ( The blade) Are not easy to puncture. Medical dialysis paper used for some of the more high-end class iii medical devices, as hard plastic enclosures, plastic packaging such as PETG, PVC, PS, PP, PET material such as good sealing. Medical dialysis paper used for medical sterilization, single high density polyvinyl alcohol, the other side for dialysis paper, is widely used in the sterilization of medical device packaging, dialysis paper has the advantage of steam absorption, but don't breathe freely, when used in sealed confidential letters.
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