The introduction of medical coated paper

by:Huiya     2020-12-08
Coated paper is on the base of paper coated with a layer of paint, the paper has good optical performance and printing performance. Its main purposes are: magazines, books and other published paper and printing trademarks, packaging, catalogs, such as printing paper, both the ratio of approximately 1:3. Medical coated paper can be divided into: light coated paper, coated paper, coated paper, besides the brand special medical coated paper, coated paper, etc. Medical coated paper production process is refers to the base material of paper coating, dry reoccupy after calender make its smooth surface, so the base paper and coating is the important factors influencing the medical quality of coated paper wholesale. For example, for coating of coating weight of 20 g/m2, assuming that coating dry weight of 1. 5, then the thickness is only 0. Around 0013 cm. Under such thin thickness, the quality of the bottom paper indeed occupies an important position. Absorbent paper after paper, if coated slower, cannot lose strength to reach dry place, must be the proper glue and keep wet paper strength. On the other hand, when the coating is fast, the paper must have a certain strength to resistance to mechanical force brought about by the high speed coating, and uniform water absorption is also very important. In addition, the coating base paper also must have the following features: size stability is good, not because of the change of water has changed a lot. Coating of strong adsorption capacity, the bottom paper cannot bend, otherwise it will cause the paint stripes, make paper. To make paper without wrinkles, hole, etc. , in the process of coating, the roll must be tight, in order to prevent the paper fracture. Base material can affect the properties of paper coating uniformity, smoothness, absorbent surface, surface strength, surface conditions, chemical, adaptability, duality and paper optical properties and so on, so the stand or fall of paper also influence is good or bad.
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