The introduction of kits

by:Huiya     2020-12-11
Kits are usually made by paper, absorbent gauze, non-woven fabric and plastic film, the ethylene oxide sterilization, one-time use, convenient and practical. Kits generally is by the surgical drapes, cloth bag, and the United States and big bag. Good appearance of the surface is clean, no peculiar smell, no defect or damage; The sewing is straight or a thermal compressive and flexural strength, strong, uniform. Other accessories in accordance with the requirements of operation can increase the other surgery, one-time use in the process of operation, has good resistance bacteria, such as suction fluid, sterile environment in the process of operation, greatly reduce the risk of cross infection. Guangdong medical medical technology co. , LTD. In 2017 the United States FDA certification, which provides kits including disposable laparoscopic surgery kits, one-time cesarean section surgery kits, one-time ent surgery kits, one-time knee surgery kits, sterile urinary surgery kits, sterile craniocerebral surgery kits, one-time cardiovascular surgery kits, etc.
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