The introduction of gown

by:Huiya     2020-12-06
First gown available in the beginning of the 20th century, initially used to in the sterile area with sterile area between creates a barrier to prevent wound infection, protect patients and medical staff. Disposable gown with fabric is generally adopts disposable materials, mainly is the SMS SMMS gown is given priority to, SMS or SMMS non-woven gown, strengthen for non-woven composite material, etc. Guangdong medical technology co. , LTD. In 2017 the United States FDA certification, to provide hand surgery including Poly real - 强化专业外科礼服,面料 加强手术礼服,非 加强手术礼服等。 In recent years, the blood pathogens such as HIV, HBV and HIV/AIDS and the spread of the virus after understanding, workers pay more attention to demand for gown, the joint efforts of the government, hospitals and enterprises, improve product quality, improve the supporting measures, to create high-quality products to meet market demand.
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