The introduction of disposable kits

by:Huiya     2020-12-08
Disposable kits are usually made of sack, surgical draping and bag, the United States and other parts according to the requirements of the operation of other surgery. Surgical draping is the core of the whole kits, according to the clinical experience of many years abroad, the design concept of kits and the production process more in line with the actual needs of the operation, more effective protection of patients and medical staff. Its main characteristic is excellent resistance to water, Waterproof non-woven fabric) , good water absorption performance ( Water absorption non-woven fabric) , high static pressure, good flexibility, smoothness, import stickers ( No allergy) , alcohol resistant, plasma resistance, resistance to grease, etc. Such as the main body kits configuration has the physical surgical draping, draping, meiya bag, cloth bag, socks, tape, etc. Body spread sheet used in surgery patients under lower limbs, surgical aseptic zone formation, prevent cross infection medical staff and patients; Big spread sheet can be used as a single single cover, spread on surgical instruments platform, sometimes to override patients.
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