The influence of the temperature of the high voltage equipment

by:Huiya     2020-12-08
Autoclave is what? High voltage equipment widely used in dental, medical, veterinarian, etc, even for a body piercing, tattoos, etc. Sterilization medium determines the function of high voltage equipment and size. Laboratory glassware, surgical instruments, such as equipment, medical waste and waste are all typical load. When need to sterilization of the material can't stand high temperature, high pressure equipment is particularly useful. Pressure cooker used in the field of medical application in the field of medical equipment and other items in the medical autoclave sterilization, but high voltage equipment of spore bacteria, fungi, and viruses in 121 ° C or even at 134 ° C cannot be killed. Laboratory of medical facilities, items are basically sterilized. Surgical instruments such as tweezers, a needle, operation handle, because it is a one-time items, will use the high pressure sterilization equipment. However, due to the hot and humid can make some hot items ( As some plastic) They are melting, and could not be sterilization. Usually, the medical waste in waste before first in the autoclave. Due to the incinerator emissions combustion by-products, its use can lead to health and the environment, so high pressure sterilization has become a suitable replacement. In the field of dentistry, dental equipment is in the high pressure sterilization. After vacuum high-pressure sterilization, may be retained in a sealed bag for 12 months. Autoclave quality assurance to ensure that equipment in the right length of time to achieve the right temperature, high pressure using some biological, chemical, and physical index. Biological indicators: these indicators with heat resistant bacterial spores. If not reached the right temperature in the autoclave, the color of the ph sensitive chemicals will change because of the spore germination. Chemical indicators: once reached the right temperature of the autoclave can disinfect, autoclave tape and special medical packaging is chemical indicators, which means that the high pressure of adhesive tape or medical kits have been properly disinfected. Physical indicators: a special permit is a part of some physical indexes, only related to save time at the right temperature to melt, if the alloy melt, change will emerge.
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