The importance of disinfection in medical field

by:Huiya     2020-12-08
When it comes to looking for the best doctor, go to a local clinic to do annual inspection, and even decided to go to which hospital do big, small surgery and plastic surgery, the existence of disinfection is the most important. From the actual clothing and medical projects, all the doctors and nurses wear, to keep them clean, to prevent the spread of bacteria, physical medical equipment used in the operating room clean, here are some examples shows that the importance of sterilization of medical field - — Sterilization equipment. For patients with disinfection can prevent doctors, nurses and technicians to infect any disease. Medical professionals in close contact with an infected person, wash your hands often, wearing a mask, cover your eyes, wear latex gloves, when performing any type of task, all want to wear medical gauze - — Disinfection equipment. Can the doctor in the operating room of any operation in the process of using any number of medical instruments, so the hospital has been emphasized the importance of disinfection, using high voltage equipment after each use tools for disinfection. Disinfection device using the clean water, washing and disinfection system to ensure that installed the sterile, prevent the spread of any disease. The doctor's office and operating room cleaning supplies used to maintain the integrity of disinfection in medical areas is also very important. Each patient in the hospital or doctor's office for a period of time, the room must be thorough disinfection, to prevent the spread of bacteria or let bacteria to regenerate. Bleach and anti-bacterial cleaners is very important for disinfection of the room. Disinfection test was also important to keep the operating room clean. For example, when a medical device sterilization process, many machines will first to test of the equipment, to ensure that it is clean enough, can be used again in the future. Sterilizer can even the most sophisticated instruments monitoring, prepare the way for future use.
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