The function and application of surgical masks

by:Huiya     2020-12-06
Using surgical masks to avoid infection between doctors and patients, so it is in the aspects of antibacterial activity, air permeability and demand is very high. The past surgical masks to choose materials are multilayer gauze or 25 30 ㎡ nonwoven cloth folding, and will use molding nonwoven fabric, but the antimicrobial properties of these materials and permeability are very poor. Now we use the method of spunlace nonwovens is chosen mostly surgical masks materials or stuffed with method of melt-blown nonwovens composite material, softness, permeability and filterability of this kind of material is very good, if you need to make surgical masks the antimicrobial properties of more than 95%, choose the material can by the method of polypropylene melt-blown nonwovens as main filter material. For surgical masks have the effect of high protection, we must be cautious in choosing a filter medium, must choose to efficient filter particles in the medium. Choice making mask material must meet the filter requirements, should not only meet the requirements of inspiratory resistance, water resistance and other indicators and to ensure that the filtering efficiency. Relevant tags: medical gauze piece, surgical masks
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