The facts on the medical equipment safety

by:Huiya     2020-12-08
For those who work in the field of health care, medical safety is top priority. Safe practice to ensure that no damage to the doctor or the patient, specimens and the test is no pollution and accurate. Medical safety covered almost all the operations, from the use of equipment, to the treatment of patients, and to the waste disposal. Implement appropriate security measures, ensure the safety of every step a operation, including medical equipment suppliers. In the aspect of equipment, the use of should follow the manufacturer's guidelines. When the equipment is used for the intended purpose, the result can't estimate, and may cause harm. Operation of the equipment should wear suitable protective clothing, goggles and gloves. Only professionals can operate the equipment, if there is no professional operation, the patient's appointment should be rearranged in a convenient time by medical equipment suppliers to operate. Medical equipment can be very expensive, so sometimes reprocessed and sell it to other health care professionals. Different places of hospital medical equipment used in the medical environment before the reprocessing of Suggestions were put forward. Contact with intact skin reusable non-invasive devices usually must be disinfected. Contact of the mucous membrane of the equipment, such as the laryngoscope, must be disinfected, high-level disinfection and accept the medical equipment suppliers. Stretcher, holder, stair chairs and other items should be thoroughly disinfected before rework. Dental equipment disinfection using the apparatus must be cleaned after each use. Sterilization require the use of high voltage equipment, dry oven, or in the use of chemicals in the process of cleaning device. Buy used equipment, should make a thorough inspection, and according to different objects, the disinfection or sterilization before use. High quality suppliers to sell only through strict security checks and test equipment. However, even though these items may also be damaged during the transit, so it is very important to ensure no loss of or damage to any component parts. If an item case of damage, should immediately contact the supplier and return the item. Regular suppliers to support their products and after-sales, make easy to come back refund or exchange. All kinds of waste accumulation in the treatment of the patient's medical facilities, the impact on humans and the environment and the harm is various and diverse, harmfulness decided how to deal with the waste. Different types of containers are designed to isolate practices, and by different regulatory agency requirements. In order to protect the environment and reduce the processing cost, the workers trained in the correct use of isolation between.
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