The emergency gown of tees? What to wear?

by:Huiya     2020-12-05
Emergency operating gowns are in an emergency situation, performer had no time to do more disinfection and wear the gown, multi-purpose disposable protective clothing. A, dressing operation: ( 1) Remove the watches and rings and so on, to wear masks, roll sleeve elbow. ( 2) Are taken from the bag type, clean face myself, to the ends of the collar, outward to lead the central fold together, food, the right hand and ring fingers respectively inserted into the collar of the folds, thumb and little finger out a collar aligned household sewing, sleeve cage. ( 3) Left hand into the sleeve inside, right hand holding his collar up, make the left hand. ( 4) In the left hand holding his collar, the right hand into sleeve and raise hand to put the sleeve shaking. Pay attention to not hit the face. ( 5) Two handheld collar, the collar central along the edge of general good QQ, back button cuff button again. ( 6) The gown side ( Under the waist 5 cm) Axillary line pull, and then gradually pull forward, until you see the edge, the same method to hold the other side edge ( Pay attention to the hand do not touch the clothes inside) , with his hands at the back edge alignment, head to the side fold, hold with one hand, on the other hand pull belt to pressure behind the folding place, will cross behind the belt, back to front a slipknot, notice not to break loose. ( 7) As the sleeve is too long, can be shoulder new on QQ, wear gown, can be work. B, stripping operation process: ( 1) Untied belt, in front of a slipknot. ( 2) Solve the two cuffs and shoulder buttons, and under the elbow will be part of the sleeve into overalls, let the hands appear, easy to disinfect. ( 3) Brush: according to the forearm, wrist, palm, the back of hand, nail, fingers dipped in soapy water or detergent scrub, such as order each hand brush with water rinse after half a minute, repeated scrubbing ( A total of 2 minutes) 。 Each hand sanitizers brush a minute after water rinse, dry. ( 4) Unlock the collar, the right hand into the left sleeve lira USA, sleeve with a cover to the right hand with his left hand pulls cuff sleeves outside, both hands untied belt within the sleeve, hands holding the sleeve rotation, and gradually withdraw from the sleeves and shored up again with the right hand to work the shoulder seam to pull out his left hand, with the outside of the collar again from the right hand with his left hand. ( 5) Hands hold the collar and align on both sides of the gown, will face the valgus gown clean, rolled into the dirt in the pocket. Relevant tags: medical kits
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