The disposable surgical clothing market development situation of disposable gown common sense

by:Huiya     2020-12-08
In disposable surgical clothing medical group is what this aspect, zhongshan medical health products co. , LTD. , know or understand the relevant situation analysis, let you in addition to know zhongshan medical health products co. , LTD. , know more about the industry! A, is lagging in the formulation of the standards and norms, standard work lag led directly to the product quality is uneven. According to statistics, at present the medical and health with nonwoven products related to the current standard for a total of 32, only three of them when SARS emergency in 2003 formulated the national standard, the other are industry standards formulated by the health care system, and the standard for the product or term, directly related to textile standard is not more than 12. In addition, at present our country hospital procurement work usually by YiZhengKe or equipment to perform, due to the lack of product standards and material certification requirements, when buying only by inspection 'three certificates', hard to ensure product quality. Therefore, how to develop detailed standards for the development of current industry needs to work plan, is the whole medical surgical clothing industry faces a very urgent and important task. Second, is the lack of policy guidance and the safeguard mechanism. Formulated laws and regulations related to medical practice protection is not clear and the lack of personal protection safeguard mechanism for greatly influenced the health protection product demand in our country. The ministry of health issued 'the law on the prevention and control of occupational diseases,' the regulations on hospital infection management, the public health emergency ordinance and other laws and regulations, the medical staff in the diagnosis and treatment and the personal protection do the work of relevant regulations, but in addition to the principle of 'bird flu occupational exposure personnel protective know' provisions of the quality of the protective equipment performance requirements, take off the order and to use effective time, other laws and regulations are not for medical staff performance and use of personal protective equipment requirements put forward specific provision, nor the standardization of medical protective equipment requirements. Three, is the certification of block industry health. Because of a lack of standards and specifications of technical support, China's medical and health certification of nonwovens industry is relatively blank, especially the type approval certification mechanism chaos: ordinary cotton protective clothing and ordinary nonwoven protective clothing for a class of medical devices, can be made of the municipal medical equipment management department for examination and approval; One-time and repeatedly, medical protective clothing belongs to the category of medical devices, by medical equipment management department at the provincial level for examination and approval, but for the material and the corresponding technical standards and production of not certification and norms. In addition, the production of high-grade medical gown, mask, etc. The products are exported to overseas authoritative testing institutions recognized and packaging, and the price is back home, the extension of circulation has greatly increased the cost of the end user, seriously hindered the healthy development of industry, more inhibited the high-performance products in domestic hospitals. In fact, many imported from abroad the gown is made from China, and domestic hospitals purchasing price is much higher than the factory price. Fourth, is the innovation of public service platform and system construction is weak. Compared with the developed countries, our country most of industrial nonwovens enterprise scale and the limit of the strength and the development background, the investment scale is relatively small, are the product of a single, lack of innovation, and the phenomenon such as low level repeated construction. At the same time, the health protection product reserves and distribution mechanism is not sound. Medical protective equipment basic is domestic enterprises self-marketing, lack of can contact companies have stable material testing and distribution agencies, poor product scheduling, a public health emergency, prone to mess production supplies. Therefore, the enterprise must have ability of marketing strategy for the hospital to do their own disposable, disposable surgical clothing market development prospects for an opportunity to get the market temporarily. Many people view: it can be divided into four categories: health care class ( Sterilization, deodorization clothes and shoes are equal) , treatment ( Stop bleeding, relieving itching textiles, antiviral textile) , artificial tube ( Artificial blood vessels, windpipe, artificial esophagus,) And protection class ( All kinds of radiation protection clothing) 。 In addition to the above classification method, can also according to the function and the function is divided into ordinary medical textiles and high performance medical textiles. Refers to using high technology of fiber materials, which has the function of different medical textiles. High performance medical textiles a medical textiles mainly include gown, surgical caps, masks, surgical mask, shoes cover, hospital gown, bed supplies, gauze, bandages, dressing, adhesive tape, medical apparatus and instruments cover, artificial organs, etc. Ordinary medical textiles including medical care, patient and ward with cloth cloth, medical staff isolation and operating room cloth, etc. What are the 'more than' a one-time surgery medical organization described content is about the introduction, see our article, if you to know more about, non-woven gown manufacturers such as content and interest, please click on the list one by one to see our products.
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