The disposable sterilized bags of specifications and methods of use

by:Huiya     2020-12-07
Sterilization medical packaging products packaging is one of China's production of famous enterprises, in dental clinics and hospitals can meet products, 'we never want to put the patient into the office, and then make them sick,' especially in the implementation of the treatment and prevention of oral diseases. The service tenet. In terms of infection control, 'sometimes, a little detail can bring huge different. 'Infection control is to ensure that a series of steps required to staff and patient safety. The basic steps of sterilization include: ( 1) Transport ( 2) As clean as possible, the use of automation system ( 3) Clean and dry ( 4) Package ( 5) Loop sterilization ( 6) Storage sterilization bags are approved by the food and drug administration of a medical device. The appearance of sterilization bags including must be able to penetrate the sterilization agent, and provide protection during processing and storage. Therefore, before reuse, an appropriate use of sterilization bags will provide effective barrier to prevent contamination. 1, it is a kind of can seal paper/transparent plastic bags, for qr code on the sterilization equipment, dental instruments and internal process indicators provide good visibility. 2, its sealing mouth is guide arrow, provides a visual guide, in order to achieve a proper seal bag, and is designed to prevent pollutants back into the bag. 3, the width of adhesive flap is easy to fold in the perforation to ensure uniform fold and seal. 4, the edge of the unbonded is easy to peel, with or without gloves. 5, the internal and external indicators to ensure the sterilization process has taken place. 6, can meet the instruments and/or tape and sterilization equipment needs. 7, sterilization bags are color coded, easy to distinguish between size and easy to reorder. 8, lead-free ink allow disinfection in unregulated garbage bags. The core value of the infection control yes. The aim of the company for the clinical doctors and patients to create a safe and comfortable environment. With this in mind, the proper use of disinfection bag provides the following hints. 1, disinfection sterilization bag design for one-time use. 2, before from the sterilizer, let the bag dry, prevent the absorption of pathogens. 3, will be packaged in a cool, dry place.
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