The disposable sterile gown tees

by:Huiya     2020-12-11
What is the sterile gown of tees? ( A) Of type 1, since the instrument on the stage take folding sterile gown, choose more capacious space, portable collar and shook out, make the clothes at the other end of the sagging. Note don't make a gown touch other items or ground. 2, two hand live collar Angle, sleeves, will dress up between a forward make garment side face from within. 3, will dress up threw up gently and conveniently inserted into the sleeve of his hands, arms stretched out before, cannot be lifted up over your shoulders, nor to spread around, to avoid touching contaminated. 4, visiting nurse behind the wearer, seize the collar inside, to help pull the cuffs, and fastened collar band. 5, wearer arms crossed, the body slightly forward, pick up the belt to the rear, with his fingers behind by visiting nurse fasten. After wear gown, with his hands yet more before the bosom related tags: disposable sterile gown
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