The disposable product characteristics analysis of mat

by:Huiya     2020-12-11
The disposable pad is a widely used in medical industry products, and in use, not only reduced the pain for the patient, at the same time, the use of disposable medical pad is also more convenient. At the same time, the regulation of the disposable pad is numerous, and has a variety of specifications to choose from. The disposable pad length 150 cm, thickness and gram weight can according to customer requirements for production. The disposable pad quality is reliable, price concessions. The disposable pad is suitable for hospital beds, and incontinence patients at home to use in patients. Disposable medical polymer sheets for disposable products, using close skin, soft, waterproof, dry, without excitant non-woven material surface, the disposable pad with waterproof, breathable, soft, stretch film do the bottom, middle with fluff pulp, air-laid paper, toilet paper, disposable medical polymer resin and other materials as an absorbent core layer. The disposable pad sheet is widely used in medical care, home care and other fields, such as blood, urine, sweat fast absorption, the disposable pad surface is dry, breathable, close skin, feel more comfortable. Rapid absorption design: the use of advanced technology, to speed the seepage of surface layer, can hold the rapid infiltration, regardless of how much traffic, can instantly absorbed by large flow and sliding sideways. Relevant tags: the disposable pad
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