The disposable pad and the main purpose of characteristics

by:Huiya     2020-12-06
The disposable pad is a daily life and the types of products for use in hospital. In the disposable pad, the use of special process design, and in production, with high performance. At the same time the disposable pad higher requirements for the product quality, avoid bacteria produce. Medical cushion completely according to the physiological structure and pathogenesis of women development, silver ions and traditional Chinese medicine extract, with hollow cotton as the carrier, and vaginal ShuRou phase, dosage form is unique, use of transdermal drug delivery technology, improve the environment for women's reproductive, in pubic form a protection of Yin, Yin, Yin treatment layer, silver ions from vulva free movement into the vagina, herbal essence into the reproductive organs through the body circulation system, can not only kill, eduction gynecological pathogenic bacteria in the body, more will be cut off pathogens in a private place, make vaginal inside and outside clean all the time, pathogenic bacteria from the bay; Through nursing at the same time, improve the reproductive organs disease-resistant ability, feeling the cleanness, safe and efficient, day and night continuous treatment. Independent packing USES the disposable pad at the same time, the real sterile, completely conform to the feminine hygiene products use habit; A thin slice, carry, easy to use, no matter work, travel, sports, not subject to any influence, no worry about embarrassing! Relevant tags: the disposable pad
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