The correct way of using the disposable medical rubber examination gloves

by:Huiya     2020-12-06
One-time film examination gloves are widely used in the medical industry, of course also have to use in other industries, such as: food industry, laboratory and other processing industry is quite high to the requirement of health industry. Use it can not only avoid cross infection, also can to a large extent, reduce the production cost. A one-time film examination gloves are processed in a rubber dial the slice or film of a glove. One-time film examination gloves to use in more specialized situations, such as in the operating room, laboratory, it has certain elasticity, and practical and durable, but it is suitable for use in animal fats, because once in contact with the corrosion situation occurs. With wet gloves: gloves to sterilization in holding the right amount of sterile water first, make the gloves open, hand easy to reach. Choose to suit his hands the size of gloves, gloves solve irrigation water knot. To live with his left thumb and forefinger, middle finger open mouth, quickly to the right hand into the right hand set, make each fingertip to the glove at the top of the top, then put the right wrist back stretch upwards, beneath the water to the wrist of outflow in the gloves, reoccupy finger inserted into the left hand of fold, and filed, insert the left hand up method gloves, that the lower part of water in accordance with the right hand method from the wrist. With the method of dry gloves: wear sterile gown first, apply to wipe gently with the gloves sterile talcum powder bag bag hands and make it smooth. Since the disposable rubber examination gloves bag with his left hand to knead letter two fold forward gloves, gloves thumb relative to make two gloves. Insert in the right hand gloves with the right hand, and then will be put on gloves right hand 2 ~ 5 refers to insert fold part of the left sleeve, let his left hand in the left hand set, and then fold the glove department going back casing pressure gown cuffs. Medical teaching. Education net collection with sterile saline rinse gloves outside of talcum powder. Before the start of the operation should be to lift his hands on his chest, don't do any sagging or exalted. Relevant tags: disposable medical rubber examination gloves
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